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Turkeys in front of a wagon on the William Simpson farm located on the Knott's Island end of Princess Anne County, Virginia. The Princess Anne turkey was highly prized in Norfolk and beyond at holiday time.

Arnold E. Ewell, who was elected to his first term in the House of Delegates in 1899, is photographed with his sisters Mary (left), Nora, and Alexina. Ewell operated a large farm on the western shore of the Lynnhaven River and maintained an active…

Five men and several dead, hanging hogs on agricultural land in Princess Anne County, Virginia in what appears to be the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.

Two buildings on the Virginia Tech ornamental/truck research extension center land on Diamond Springs Road in Princess Anne County, Virginia when acquired in 1907.

Waiting to load potatoes onto trains at Diamond Springs, Princess Anne County in 1912

Two unidentified men operating an Irish potato planter at Whitehurst on March 20, 1917.

Members of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church gathered around a bus for a church school outing in the World War I era. The bus was equipped with roll-down curtains in case of inclement weather.

The Woman's Club of Princess Anne County, 1956-1957, scrapbook, which was the second place winner of clubs of more than 200 members.

The 1959 Higher education in the Tidewater area of Virginia : report of a survey for the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia and the Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce Higher Education Survey, page 81, notes the need for higher education…

The Woman's Club of Princess Anne County, 1959-1960, scrapbook, which was the first place winner of clubs of more than 200 members.

Children, likely club members, standing around a welcome sign for the Princess Anne County 4-H clubs.

A man kneeling on a lawn looking down at a box of Princess Anne sweet potatoes, Porto Rico variety, that he is holding.

Unidentified man in the Frost family soybean field in Blackwater sometime in the 1950s.

Pen sketches on yellow loose-leaf paper of potential Virginia Wesleyan College logos.

A drawing of proposed Virginia Wesleyan College letterhead.

In striking yellow, all-cap letters with a black background, the Virginia Wesleyan College bumper sticker promotes its supporters.

A second drawing of proposed Virginia Wesleyan College letterhead.

One of two drawings of a proposed Virginia Wesleyan College logo.

A second logo proposal for Virginia Wesleyan College.

Mayor and President of the Council W. F. Duckworth's letter endorsing the idea of the Norfolk location for the proposed Methodist college.
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