Virginia Wesleyan Founder's Day Collection


Virginia Wesleyan Founder's Day Collection


A collection of items specific to Virginia Wesleyan's founding years.


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Prospectus cover page
"The cover page of a 1962 prospectus describing the Sawyer tract on Holland Road and the Wood farm on Centreville Turnpike, each contributing two hundred acres which could be offered without cost to the college" (Mansfield, 16).

Logo proposal drawing 2
A second logo proposal for Virginia Wesleyan College.

Logo proposal drawing 1
One of two drawings of a proposed Virginia Wesleyan College logo.

Letterhead drawing 2
A second drawing of proposed Virginia Wesleyan College letterhead.

Survey of Higher Education, page 81
The 1959 Higher education in the Tidewater area of Virginia : report of a survey for the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia and the Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce Higher Education Survey, page 81, notes the need for higher education…

Norfolk mayor recommends college
Mayor and President of the Council W. F. Duckworth's letter endorsing the idea of the Norfolk location for the proposed Methodist college.

First Virginia Wesleyan College faculty and staff
Black and white photograph of Virginia Wesleyan College's first full-time faculty and staff.
From left, Donald Davis, admission director; Joseph Stevens, political science professor and acting dean; Ann Matson, bookkeeper; Lambuth Clarke, president;…

Virginia Wesleyan College Bulletin,volume 1, number 1,  1965-1966
Virginia Wesleyan College first bulletin, which includes images and maps of the campus, notes from President Johnston, the academic calendar, a list of the trustees, a description of the campus setting and history, campus life, programs of study,…

Virginia Wesleyan College groundbreaking ceremony
A black and white photograph of Virginia Wesleyan College's groundbreaking ceremony. Five Southeastern Virginia City mayors acted as shovel handlers and were each accompanied by a member of the board of trustees.

Groundbreaking ceremonies invitation
An invitation from the Board of Trustees to attend the Virginia Wesleyan College groundbreaking ceremonies.

Campus site
A black and white photograph of the location plan for the proposed college site that would become Virginia Wesleyan College.

Board of trustees at organizational meeting
Black and white photograph of nineteen of the twenty-two charter trustees, including Counsel Eastwood Herbert. The trustees were gathered at the Admiralty Hotel on Military Highway in Norfolk, Virginia for the organizing meeting of the Board of…

Bailey Condrey and Dr. Robert C. Provine
A black and white photograph of C and P Telephone Company manager Bailey Condrey (left) and the first dean of the college, Dr. Robert C. Provine, looking at a site plan for the new college.

How you will live at Virginia Wesleyan College guidelines
A three page document outlining student responsibilities and acceptable and unacceptable conduct while living on campus at Virginia Wesleyan College.

Newly constructed Academic Village 1
Black and white photograph of the newly constructed Academic Village 1 building at Virginia Wesleyan College.

First student body
A black and white photograph of Virginia Wesleyan College's first student body.

Virginia Wesleyan College bumper sticker
In striking yellow, all-cap letters with a black background, the Virginia Wesleyan College bumper sticker promotes its supporters.

Johnston's motion to recommend college
Dr. Joseph S. Johnston's motion - written on the back of a voucher - to recommend the establishment of a four year liberal arts college in Norfolk, VA. The motion was presented at the Virginia Methodist Commission on Christian Higher Education on…

Garber, Johnston, Henke, and Gross
In a meeting held on April 1961, Bishop Paul Neff Garber (left); Dr. Joseph S. Johnston; Milo Henke, Director for the Conference Crusade for Higher Education; and Dr. John O. Gross of the General Board of Higher Education in Nashville, prepare to…

Articles of incorporation of Virginia Wesleyan College
The legal document establishing the Virginia Wesleyan College corporation.
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