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Women of Wesleyan Photographs


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A collection of photographs involving events and members of the Women of Wesleyan (WOW) club. The club, originally designated Women for Wesleyan, began in an effort to raise financial support for the institution. Trustees Helen Ballard and Alice Vaughn came up with the idea of inviting women from Hampton Roads to a series of coffees on campus and soliciting $100 contributions for the library and other needs. WOW grew from these initial efforts.


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Outdoor flea market
An outdoor flea market, which was introduced by the Women of Wesleyan as a fundraising initiative for Virginia Wesleyan College. The Twin Drive-In Theatre is the likely location of the flea market in this photograph. and was used through the 1970s.…

Boy pulling a wagon at the flea market
A boy pulls his wagon of goods at the Women of Wesleyan (WOW) flea market.

Flea market staff give directions
Two young women point a driver toward an unspecified direction at the 1972 Women of Wesleyan Flea Market.

Botanical Garden Society stand
The Botanical Garden Society stand at the October 1972 Women of Wesleyan Flea Market. The WOW Flea Market served as a fundraising initiative for the institution.

Woman holding plant
An unidentified woman holding a plant and smiling at a child at the Women of Wesleyan Flea Market in October 1972.

Women of Wesleyan present check
Mrs. Thelma Brennan and Mrs. Wayne present President Lambuth Clarke with what is believed to be a check from the 1972 Women of Wesleyan Flea Market. The flea market served as a fundraising initiative for the college.

Speaker addresses women's gathering
Women of Wesleyan seated, some with cups in hand, as a speaker, likely Virginia Wesleyan President Lambuth M. Clarke, gives an address.

Planning the flea market
Two Women of Wesleyan officers working on the stall map for the WOW Flea Market.

Women examine items
Women examine containers and items on the table. The photograph may have been related to the Women of Wesleyan Flea Market.

Woman and volunteers preparing for flea market
A woman, likely a member of the Women of Wesleyan (WOW), and two volunteers, likely Virginia Wesleyan College students, engaging in a discussion during the WOW flea market preparations.

President plants tree
In the company of two Women of Wesleyan members, President Clarke shovels soil on a newly planted tree on the Virginia Wesleyan campus.

President Clarke and women
Standing in front of a campus drawing, President Clarke speaks to two women holding teacups at one of the early fundraising coffees.

Subjects looking at flea market diagram
A woman, who was likely a Woman of Wesleyan officer, points to a stall on a diagram for the Women of Wesleyan Flea Market. Virginia Wesleyan students Sherry McMillan '73 and Jim Simmons '74 are also in the picture and volunteered to assist with the…

Women looking at notebook
Women of Wesleyan officer ,Thelma Brennan (right), looks down at a notebook in a discussion with another woman whose identity unknown.

Woman giving directions
A woman gives another woman directions to the Women of Wesleyan flea market. The outdoor flea market served as a fundraiser for Virginia Wesleyan College and the first one took place in 1969.

Women of Wesleyan
A photograph of three unidentified Women of Wesleyan.

Outdoor women's gathering
An outdoor Women of Wesleyan gathering sometime between 1971-1972.

Women of Wesleyan Officers, 1970
The 1970 Women of Wesleyan officers Carolyn Miles (second from left rear), Ruth Bray (second from right rear), Rebecca Rogers (right rear), and Sara Boyd (front), president.

Library proposal drawing
President Clarke shows a drawing of the proposed library to Trustee Helen C. Ballard (left), Mrs. Robert Koolage, and Mrs. Robert Cathey. The Virginia Methodist Advocate used this photograph on the cover of its May 18, 1967 issue to highlight the…
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