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A collection of VWU theater production photographs from 1969-1985.


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A midsummer night's dream, 1973
This photo from the Spring, 1973 production of, A Midsummer Night's Dream, shows Dr. David Clayton, left, as Oberon, Jackie Wood back, as Puck, and Jo-Anna Smelser, right, as Titania.

Little Mary Sunshine
Virginia Wesleyan College players present, Little Mary Sunshine, by Rick Besoyan on March 26-30, 1974. The production was directed by Professor Bentley Anderson (drama) and Dr. R. David Clayton (music). Players Eileen Dorsey, Rick Higgins, Betty…

The Caucasian chalk circle
Photographs from the Virginia Wesleyan College Department of Theater - Communications presentation of Brecht's, The Caucasian chalk circle. The production ran from November 12-15, 1973.

Blood wedding
Photographs from the Virginia Wesleyan College production, Blood wedding, by Federico Garcia Lorca. Blood wedding was presented by the players on November 14-18, 1972 and directed by Rick Hite.

A midsummer night's dream, 1972
A scene from the March 1972 production, A midsummer night's dream, presented by the Players of Virginia Wesleyan College and directed by Bentley B. Anderson.

The American dream
This scene from the Virginia Wesleyan Fall 1971 production of Edward Albee's "The American Dream" shows Francie Staughan, left, and Aya Lamb, right..

Oh, what a lovely war!
Virginia Wesleyan College production, Oh, what a lovely war, was presented November 16-21, 1970 under the direction of Rick Hite. Tina Brudzinski and Bruce Snyder, who are featured prominently in these photographs, starred in this production.

Electra rehearsal
Sharon Hankins and Tom Selover rehearse for the upcoming production of Electra (Elektra), performed by the Virginia Wesleyan College players, March 11-14, 1970. The production was directed by Rick Hite.

The servant of two masters
Julia Lucasti and Philip Guzelf perform in Virginia Wesleyan College's Player production of Goldoni's, The Servant of Two Masters. The production was directed by Rick Hite, assistant professor of drama at Virginia Wesleyan College.
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