South Africa


"Program Focuses on South Africa," Crosswinds, December 17, 1977.

Crosswinds reported on December 15, 1977, that there had been a series of events that had occurred in November at Virginia Wesleyan to show support for political change in South Africa. The system of apartheid or segregation of the races was something that Virginia Wesleyan wanted to change. So people created posters to express disagreement with apartheid and had a photographic display to show what life was really like in South Africa.


"Apartheid Protested," Crosswinds, April 21, 1978.

The April 21, 1978 issue of Crosswinds published an article on the Virginia Wesleyan students who participated in a peaceful march in Nashville to protest the system of apartheid and unfair treatment of non-whites in South Africa.


Bob Kozack, "Rich Laphchick Resigns," Crosswinds, October 3, 1978.

The October 3, 1978 issue of Crosswinds covered the resignation of Professor Lapchick. Lapchick was heavily involved in the efforts by Virginia Wesleyan to protest the system of apartheid in South Africa. He was attacked at his office and eventually had "nigger" carved across his abdomen. When he went to police about the attack, they did not believe him and wanted him to take a polygraph test. After Lapchick's children were threatened, Lapchick believed it was time to leave the campus. 

South Africa