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Virginia Wesleyan College Report, June 1993, details the 1993 commencement ceremonies, President Greer's installation highlights, the local and statewide recognition of College partnerships, and the students who earned honors for citizenship and…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, March 1993, details the VWC student recognized by the Fullbright Foundation, spring convocation and installation of the new President, the $770,000 gift, the VWC student's communication with First Lady Hillary Rodham…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, December 1992, details the President's call for tripling endowment, the diverse campus enrollment, new library technology, the personalized education adult students are receiving, alumni academic achievement and…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, June 1992, details Lambuth Clarke's retirement on July 31, 1992, the Trustees' endorsement of an Advisory Committee on the Campus Environment, the approval of positions for the Jesse Ball duPont Visting Scholar in…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, April 1992, details the Trustees selection and approval of Dr. William T. Greer Jr. to succeed Clark, and the 1992 commencement plans.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, March 1992, details the proposed housing construction, the search for a new VWC President, and the Wesleyan Scholars program.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, October 1991, details President Clarke's announced retirement, all-time high enrollment numbers, Cooper's new role as chairwoman of the VWC PAC, the election of six new members to Alumni Council, Cupitt's Recognition…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, June 1991, details the trustees' approval of the budget and building plans, the three new trustees, and details the 1991 commencement ceremony speakers and award winners.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, March 1991, details how VWC students have reacted to conflicts in the Persian Gulf, Lithuania, the Boyd Dining Center ceremonies, the death of Trustee Hall, Batten's volunteer leadership announcement, and Palombo's…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, December 1990, details the formal opening of Village II, the meeting of trustees to hear the enrollment report and long-range plans, the Data Foundation awards matching for science laboratory equipment, Norfolk…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, Special Issue, November 1990, details the donation campaign's total exceeding a landmark figure, and the impact of distinguished names on campus.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, June 1990, details the completion of construction for Village II, the award granted to the Alternative Secondary Education Program, and commencement speaker and ethicist, Dr. James F. Childress's message to the…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, March 1990, details the expected slower enrollment numbers, Hultgren's research in biomedical ethics that bridges the gap between philosophy and science, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Boyd Dining Center, the…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, February 1, 1989, details how the College met the Kresge Challenge.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, December 1989, details the planning update for the Dining Center, the death of Trustee Edwin Kellam, planned giving program expansion efforts, international program expansion, and new residence halls receiving names.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, [n.d.] details the Board of Trustees' decision to move forward with two building projects, the registrar's retirement, the Friends of Wesleyan Annual Fund goal, Forsyth's resignation, and the aftermath of a blizzard.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, December 1988, details the Kresge Challenge campaign progress, record enrollment, signs of steady growth, Mansfield's new publication, new faculty and staff positions, the new Wesleyan scholars, results of the Board…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, June 1988, details enrollment control plans, plans for the formal opening of the Humanities Center, faculty development grant recipients, Commencement '88 highlights, the $15,000 Women of Wesleyan pledge, and a plan…

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, March 1988, details a landmark donation from the Kresge Foundation, Professor Graf's travels to teaching approach, Davies' address to Trustees and Advisory Council, and new faculty and staff positions.

Virginia Wesleyan College Report, December 1987, details the fundraising campaign meeting the halfway point, enrollment topping 1,200, the Wesleyan Scholars program, the parents' weekend/homecoming activities, and continued construction on the Center…
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