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An outdoor flea market, which was introduced by the Women of Wesleyan as a fundraising initiative for Virginia Wesleyan College. The Twin Drive-In Theatre is the likely location of the flea market in this photograph. and was used through the 1970s.…

A boy pulls his wagon of goods at the Women of Wesleyan (WOW) flea market.

Two young women point a driver toward an unspecified direction at the 1972 Women of Wesleyan Flea Market.

A woman, likely a member of the Women of Wesleyan (WOW), and two volunteers, likely Virginia Wesleyan College students, engaging in a discussion during the WOW flea market preparations.

The Christian Higher Education Campaign booklet issued by the Virginia Conference of the Methodist Church. Contains a message from Resident Bishop Paul Neff Garber, a description of the Methodist universities and colleges in Virginia, upcoming…

The Share plan for annual support program brochure provides an overview of the different types of annual shares available, an enrollment card, and reasons to support Virginia Wesleyan College.

A Christian Higher Education brochure issued by the Virginia Conference of the Methodist Church. Included is a call for pledges to assist with Virginia Methodism educational endeavors, and an article clip from the Ledger Star outlining the Virginia…

A pamphlet issued by the Trustees of Virginia Wesleyan College to solicit funds for the remainder of the building project. Includes a list of ways potential donors can support VWC, the names of the trustees, and the pledge form.

Brochure, issued by Virginia Wesleyan College Trustees, Library Committee, to solicit book donations for the new library.
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