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Logging using an ox team.

A ceremonial planting of a loblolly pine took place on January 14, 1953, at 49th and Atlantic Avenue. Officials of Virginia Beach and the State Highway Commission joined members of the Council of Garden Clubs of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne…

The annual Princess Anne Garden Club Rose Show in 1953.

This London Bridge house was built approximately 1785 by John Forrest, whose daughter Sarah married Henry Barnes Woodhouse. Sarah died young, but Woodhouse continued to occupy the house until his death in 1879.

Bernard P. Holland standing before the general merchandise store he opened on Seventeenth Street in Princess Anne County, Virginia, in 1910 and operated until the 1930s.

An educational exhibit of Miss Evelyn Collins Hill, rosarian of the Princess Anne Garden Club, and past rosarian of the Garden Club of Virginia. The photograph suggests the flowers were cultivated on Sea Breeze Farm, Lynnhaven, Virginia.

A farm laborer stands near a wagon holding a basket over top of a barrel on a farm in Princess Anne County, Virginia.

Barrels on unspecified land in Princess Anne County, Va.

A farm laborer leads a mule-drawn cart with a device that is dusting cantaloupes, a crop that Princess Anne farmers found a market for in Norfolk during the 1920s. This July 22 Experimental Station photograph was thematic to the 1920s when farmers…

The photograph was taken at the Hotel Jefferson in Richmond in September 1952. Herbert W. Ozlin, the county (agriculture) demonstration agent for Princess Anne County had taken two 4-H students to the event and the girl, Pat Lupton Reader, had…

The house located at the Ferry Farm on a peninsula jutting into the western branch of the Lynnhaven River.

Pictures from the 1987 summer dig conducted by Colonial Williamsburg archaeologists at the Ferry Farm. Archaeologists had hoped to locate the 1735 Princess Anne Courthouse, but instead found the well-preserved English basement on which Anthony…

Turkeys in front of a wagon on the William Simpson farm located on the Knott's Island end of Princess Anne County, Virginia. The Princess Anne turkey was highly prized in Norfolk and beyond at holiday time.

Unidentified man in the Frost family soybean field in Blackwater sometime in the 1950s.

Dick Cockrell, Princess Anne County Agent, kneeling on a lawn looking down at a box of Princess Anne sweet potatoes, Porto Rico variety, that he is holding. Cockrell was helping to publicize the Princess Anne sweet potato.

Children, likely club members, standing around a welcome sign for the Princess Anne County 4-H clubs.

Waiting to load potatoes onto trains at Diamond Springs, Princess Anne County in 1912

Photographs of the last building from the Walke family estate, "Fairfield." While it long was thought to have been a kitchen, now there is a feeling that it might have served as residence for an overseer, tenant, etc. It was demolished several…

Two buildings on the Virginia Tech ornamental/truck research extension center land on Diamond Springs Road in Princess Anne County, Virginia when acquired in 1907.

Two unidentified men operating an Irish potato planter at Whitehurst on March 20, 1917.
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