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Princess Anne County Photographs


A collection of Princess Anne County photographs, including churches, families, plantation sites, and buildings. Collection includes various…

Princess Anne Woman's Club Scrapbooks


A collection of nine scrapbooks between 1957 to 1998 compiled by the Woman's Club of Princess Anne County, which changed its name to Princess Anne…

Virginia Beach Photographs


A collection of Virginia Beach photographs.

Virginia Wesleyan Commencement Photographs


Photographs related to commencement ceremonies at Virginia Wesleyan in the early 1970's.

Virginia Wesleyan Founder's Day Collection

Invitation letter to open house

A collection of items specific to Virginia Wesleyan's founding years.

Virginia Wesleyan Newspapers


A collection of Virginia Wesleyan College newspapers from 1966-2008. The first newspaper, known as The Newspaper, was issued on December 9, 1966. The…

Virginia Wesleyan Reports Collection


A collection of Virginia Wesleyan College reports issued between September 1964 and June 1993. The reports contains news of campus events and existed…

Virginia Wesleyan Theater Photographs


A collection of VWU theater production photographs from 1969-1985.

Virginia Wesleyan Village 1 Groundbreaking Ceremony Photographs


Black and white photographs from the first Virginia Wesleyan College Village 1 groundbreaking ceremony on July 18, 1965.

Virginia Wesleyan Yearbook Collection


The collection of Virginia Wesleyan yearbooks issued between 1968-2006. Originally called The Villager, the yearbook was later renamed The Sandpiper.…

Women of Wesleyan Photographs


A collection of photographs involving events and members of the Women of Wesleyan (WOW) club. The club, originally designated Women for Wesleyan,…